Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Brown/Chocolate Flowers...Gross or Gorgeous?! You be the Judge!

I have a wedding coming up in a month or so and the bride and groom have chosen a yellow and chocolate brown color scheme. First off, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE yellow, who doesn't love yellow?! It has to be one of my favorite colors due to the instant gratification you get when you see most things that are yellow, it is such a happy color. Brown on the other hand is very modern, very sharp and crisp when you have the right shade of brown. I'm sure just about everyone in and out of the industry has noticed how brown almost became the new black. However, black is timeless and classic and can never be replaced but it is nice to use brown and have it look just as elegant. Anyone keeping up with wedding trends can affirm the massive takeover this one color has had on everything from dresses to favors to tuxedos. It is often paired with tiffany blue, apple green, even red and lavender. It was one of the dominant colors in my own wedding and I love to see it used the right way, especially in fabrics but does anyone want to see brown flowers? I'm biased, I think all flowers have some sort of beauty that makes it unique and different and I'm looking forward to accenting my designs with chocolate flowers for my yellow bride.

First up, the beautiful Chocolate Cosmo. This is a wonderful flower to use in bouquets.
Orchids and Yes, I swooned over these!!!

Another favorite, brown fern curls, these beauties look great in bouquets, bout's & centerpieces.

Chocolate Sunflowers!!! Yes, they come in brown, I was introduced to these beauties by my wholesaler.

Stay tuned to see which of these gorgeous brown flowers I use in my designs for my yellow bride!!

Stay Posh!


MThornton said...

Chocolate orchids??? YES swoon!